7 dance shows and movies to keep you going this summer!


Looking for something new to binge watch this summer? We have what you need. From reality shows and competitions to Netflix movies and Disney throwbacks, there are tons of amazing dance-focused titles that will have you jumping up and locked in your living room. Here are 7 amazing dance shows and movies that you’ll definitely want to add to your “must-watch” list!

1. “The Masked Dancer” (Hulu)

A spin-off of the hit show “The Masked Singer”, “The Masked Dancer” offers a unique take on the world of dance competitions: in this show, dance meets detective work. In the first episode, 10 celebrities dressed in full costumes (including face masks) show off their dance moves. The Panel – Ashley Tisdale, Ken Jeong, Paula Abduland Brian Austin Green — try to guess who the dancers are from their movements and clues given in various forms; dancers can say a word in their real voice, plus their intro music videos, costumes, set designs, and dance moves themselves reveal details about the celebrity behind the mask. At the end of each episode, a dancer is rejected by the audience and must reveal their identity. Who will be the last dancer standing? Are these celebrities who we think they are? Check out “The Masked Dancer” for some answers!

2. “Dancing With Myself” (Hulu)

This one is for anyone who likes to dance like no one is watching. If you are an enthusiast just dance player or spend your free time learning TikTok dances, you won’t want to miss this brand new dance show. Each episode, the panelists Nick Jonas, Shakiraand Liza Koshy (with host Camille Kostek) teach 6 dances to 12 new candidates – participants who like to dance for fun but have no formal training. In addition, the show allows us to have fun and encourages the public at home to dance with us! The panel and live audience carefully watch all the dancers in their modules and decide who can stay after each round. There are even super energetic freestyle combat rounds!

3. “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” (Amazon Prime)

When you search for “Big Grrrl” backup dancers, Lizzo decided it was “about time” to take matters into our own hands and give plus-size dancers the representation they deserved. Lizzo searched all over the country to find potential new dancers to join her on stage; 13 confident and energetic women caught his eye. This reality show follows Lizzo’s possible new “Big Grrrls” as they practice for an audition. On the occasion of Lizzo’s new album Specialwhich was released on Friday, July 15, now is the perfect time to watch “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls”!

4. “So You Think You Can Dance” (Hulu/FOX, Wednesdays at 9/8c)

The Emmy Award-winning “So You Think You Can Dance” contest runs for 17 seasons! Competitors who specialize in all different genres perform for a chance to make it to the choreography round where they will demonstrate their ability to dance in various other styles. They perform solos, duets and group pieces striving to be the last dancer standing. celebrity judge Matthew Morrison announced he was leaving season 17 of the show in May, but Lea Remini sat alongside Stephen “tWitch” Boss and everyone’s favorite “Dance Moms” icon, JoJo Siwa! No matter what dance style is your forte, “So You Think You Can Dance” is guaranteed to get you dancing in your seat.

5. Another Cinderella Story (HBO Max)

Want a Disney movie that feels good? Another Cinderella Story must be one of the best (if not the best!) adaptations of Cinderella. Dominique Blat (Jane Lynch) adopts Mary Santiago (Selena Gomez). All Mary wants to do is dance, but Dominique constantly gets in the way of her dreams. When pop star Joey Parker (Drew Seeley) comes to Mary’s high school, Mary sneaks out to go to Joey’s dance class and even ends up dancing with him at a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball! Mary’s moves remind Joey why he loved dancing in the first place, and he sets out to discover his identity. Also, Joey holds a huge dance contest to find a partner for his new music video. If you’ve seen this movie less than 10 times, it’s time to give it another watch.

6. Feel the rhythm (Netflix)

Looking to host a dance-themed movie night with the family? If that is the case, Feel the rhythm is the perfect choice. When April Dibrina (Sophie Carson) gets blackballed on Broadway, she returns home to Wisconsin where she takes on the task of grooming young dancers for competition. The cast, the game, the dance: *chef’s kiss!*

seven. work it (Netflix)

In August 2020, just two months after Feel the rhythm came out, Netflix gave us work it – and it’s a must-have watch. Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter), like every other high school student, desperately wants to get into a top university. If Quinn wants an acceptance letter from Duke, she needs to make her application stand out. How? Participate in the “Work It” dance contest! The school team won’t take it? No problem, she’ll just form her own group of amazing dancers who have a chance to blow the competition out of the water. How hard could that be? With a little help from her best friend Jasmine Hale (Liza Koshy) and former Work It Champion Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher), Quinn just might pull this off.

Grab your chips and your dancing shoes because it’s salsa time in the summer. On your marks, get set, binge!

Colleen D. Ervin