Britney Spears Revives Year 2000 Denim Shorts and Versatile Trainers for Dance – Footwear News

Britney Spears twirled and dove before getting dressed in an Instagram Reel video today.

Set to NERD “She Wants to Move,” Spears dances her way from her gym to her living room in a sleek ensemble. The “Toxic” singer followed suit, writing, “Messing around in the garage gym!! Then I fit in two months ago!!”

Spears is first seen in activewear, sweating a storm in a pink sports bra and low cut faux denim shorts. The drop waist evoked that classic 2000s style that Spears wore in her heyday. The style is disruptive and provocative and one that the dancer often wears today with many of her pieces.

Spears swapped her favorite chocolate brown pumps for sneakers that allowed her to dance and dive with mobility and stability.

Spears twirled off-screen, the video switching to the singer dressed in a sleek black suit that was a far cry from the casual tracksuit she wore earlier. Beginning in a fitted black blazer, Spears swung from side to side, showing off the “BDSM”-inspired garment.

The style had towering square shoulders and a corseted waist that gave the costume dimension. Spears teamed the black blazer with sleek black pants with a wide bell-shaped hem.

The star strutted around in beige peep-toe heels, the style complementing the business-casual ensemble nicely. Heels are new to Spears, at least as far as her Instagram content goes. They gave the star a fresh new look while sprucing up Spears’ outfit. The artist also frequently gravitates toward a variety of footwear like Amaranti wedges, Ugg boots, and Asics sneakers.

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Colleen D. Ervin