Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike bring a timeless 90s dance classic to life in the form of a new single – “Fuego”, featuring internationally acclaimed Mexican celebrity and singer Kim Loaiza

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Renowned veterans and revelers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike team up with internationally renowned personalities Mexican celebrity and singer Kim Loaiza for their new single – “Fuego”, now available on the duo’s own platform break down the house. The track is a perfect fusion of dance/electronic music and Latin pop vibe, featuring Loaizait’s sensual Spanish organic vocals and melodies over a deep, rhythmic bass line. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike bring their dynamic style with a new twist, further demonstrating their abilities as producers to cross and mix genres with ease, also providing a great example of how to successfully revive a timeless dance classic, like “Fuego» presents samples of Mister President‘s”Coco Jamboo” from 1996. Whether you crank up the volume on your speakers or hear it live in your favorite room, things are about to get muy caliente when “Fuego” lights up. This is the duo’s second time collaborating with Kim Loaizaafter the 2020s”Do it!“, who currently sits on more than 80 million streams on all platforms and at the pace 316K TikTok videos. The Belgian created duo”Fuego” earlier this year at EDC Mexico and tomorrowlandwith a live performance by Kim Loaizaand now fans get the full version to bring back great memories.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Since their debut in 2007, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike made waves with hits like “The buzz,” “higher place” in collaboration with Ne Yoand “Hi baby” with Diplomawho all went Platinum and spent record time on the billboard dance graphics. Continuing their prowess, the brothers teamed up with Hans Zimmer for a cover of “Dead men don’t tell tales“from the 5th installment of”Pirates of the Caribbean.” Then team up with David Guetta and Kiiara on “Complicatedwhich has more than 160M flow on Spotify and almost 90M YouTube views, and released one of the biggest songs of summer 2019 – “instagramwhich also included David Guetta, Afro-Bros, Daddy Yankeeand Natti Natasha. Pairing those chart-topping accomplishments with a busy touring schedule that has included tomorrowland, GO OUT festival, fields of cream, EDC Las Vegas, and more, the world fell in love with the duo’s energetic performances and dynamic style. They have always been ranked on Top 100 DJs from DJ Mag and became the first duo to take the #1 spot, further bolstering their prowess by teaming up with hitters like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, afrojack, fat thin boy at Lil Jonand remix superstars like cold game, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Chain smokers, Major Lazer and much more. Last year they finished at #5, making it clear that they are among the most recognizable artists in dance music history. Always changing with the times, pointing up 30 million fans on social networks, combined with Billions music streams and video views of their live performances and music, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are definitely ones to watch for many years to come.

Kim Loaiza

Kim Loaiza is a singer and celebrity from Mexico whose musical career began in 2019 with breakthrough hit singles, such as “No Sea Celoso” “Me loser,” and “Grand Sola” with Zion and Lennoxaccumulating more 100M streams combined on Spotify only. In August 2020, she broke a guinness world record for running the most subscribers Spanish-talking social media channel. The next year, Kim became the most followed Spanish-talking influencer and is currently the most followed Mexican on instagram. In the same year, she broke another record by broadcasting live on ICT Tac. KimThe live stream of recorded the most users connected simultaneously, surpassing previous record holders, such as The weekend, justin bieberand J Balvin. His ICT Tac and instagram accounts are currently observed by more than 66M and 35M people, respectively, doing Kim an artist with one of the biggest fanbases. All the past distinctions were followed this year by a 13.13 around the world with JD Pantojawhich turned out to be Kim Loaizais another breakthrough hit with all dates completely sold out.

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