‘Heartstopper’ Cast Fights Homophobes With Impromptu Pride Dance Party

The cast of Heart stroke was ‘stopping’ homophobes at London Pride this weekend.

Anti-gay protesters trying to make it rain on everyone’s pride parade is nothing new, but if it would be better if they adapted to the weather and left people alone, see people the fighting with joy and celebration is always cathartic.

In a series of viral videos captured in London on Saturday, Heart strokeSebastian Croft and Joe Locke were spotted in the forefront of a mini dance party to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” taunting a small group of elderly protesters shouting into a megaphone about God.

Both actors wore inclusive pride flags as capes, bouncing around the dance with Croft blowing kisses and Locke opting for a more pointed middle finger salute meant for party shit.

Kit ConnorCorinna Brown and Tobie Donovan were also spotted taking part in the dance party, while Jenny Walser and Kizzy Edgell also reportedly walked with the group for Pride.

Seeing the cast of a popular LGBTQ+ show not only take part in Pride itself, but take the time to stand up to homophobes meant a lot to fans, who shared their appreciation on social media after the videos went viral .

Of course, the fact that these kinds of protests still happen remains disheartening, but if we were to remember why we still need Pride, we’re happy to see the cast of Heart stroke right in the heart of the matter, giving the best example to all their young fans!

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Colleen D. Ervin