Jennifer Garner Makes Exercise Fun By Combining Dance And Strength Training Into An Intense Workout Routine

Jennifer Garner is undoubtedly one of the best-known celebrities, from being a mom to revealing her beauty secrets, the 49-year-old star enjoys sharing her daily life, including her workout routine, incorporating different styles of exercise, dance, and strength training.

And while not everyone has a personal trainer, the actress wants to share what works for her, so her fans and followers can better understand her regular workouts.

Beth Nicely, Jennifer’s trainer, recently spoke to Shape on the star’s accomplishments, challenges and goals, describing her as a “great dancer” and explaining that she “likes to work really hard, she’s very, very strong,”

Jennifer’s circuit training starts with a dynamic warm-up and two cardio-dance songs, then her goal is to complete five sets of 8 box jumps, 40 jumps with a jump rope and 16 jumps on a mini-trampoline while holding a 10- pound medicine ball.

“I consider her a professional athlete in what she is physically capable of. We both like to dance, we both like to work hard, I think that’s a good combination,” Nicely said of Garner.

The actress does different versions of the circuit with the same warm-up, and her “goal with everyone is to get through five laps in under three minutes,” which she says Jennifer has accomplished “multiple times,” and she shares constantly posting at-home workouts on Instagram and on her digital fitness platform “The Limit.”

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Colleen D. Ervin