Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dance during the Super Bowl

J.Lo is a gorgeous and talented international superstar and cool mom extraordinaire. Her boyfriend Ben Affleck has more of a down-to-earth, ordinary dad vibe. Put these two together and you get a) a good time and b) a recipe for totally embarrassing their five collective kids.

The lovebirds were spotted in the stands at the Super Bowl, just hosting their own little private party. Jennifer Lopez wore big famous people sunglasses and big famous people earrings, and Affleck was wearing, ahem, a shirt. At one point, they appeared on a courtroom camera while dancing happily and a bit awkwardly.

I mean, Lopez has moves, obviously: she’s a professional dancer. Affleck next to her just gave awkward nods. The overall effect is adorable and charming and relatable. (At least I can understand – I could probably give Affleck his money’s worth when it comes to awkwardly shaking his head.)

Viewers, unsurprisingly, were more than a little obsessed with the couple’s obvious happiness watching the big game. “jlo saw dancing with ben affleck at the super bowl that’s my super bowl,” tweeted journalist Joseph Longo.

“I don’t care if it’s cheesy. JLo and Ben Affleck are just adorable together. They look happy and that’s it. All the best!” wrote another Twitter user.

Journalist Courtney Theriault intervened with very serious scientific data: “32% of Super Bowl viewers only watch Ben Affleck – JLo cameos.” (Just for the avoidance of doubt, this is actually not very serious scientific data.)

Finally, a J. Lo fan account wrote“I WANT TO GO TO A PARTY WITH JLO & BEN AFFLECK”, which, yes.

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Colleen D. Ervin