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Prince William39, and Kate Middleton, 40, showed off some pretty impressive dance moves during their royal Caribbean tour. The couple visited Hopkins Village in Belize on Sunday, March 20, and had a blast with dancers from the Garifuna community. William, who honored Belize’s royal color by wearing a blue shirt and blue pants, danced with a local woman.

At one point, Kate, who looked stunning in a blue dress, danced beautifully towards her handsome hubby in front of locals and photographers. It’s so fun to watch William and Kate, who are usually very serious and rarely show affection in public, let their guard down and have fun while carrying out their royal duties.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Belize on March 20 (Photo: Robin Nunn/Pool/Shutterstock)

Laura Cachowho is the local woman who danced with William, praised the royal couple for People. “They are an amazing couple and we would love for them to come anytime with their kids. Charlotte, george and Louis“, she told the outlet. “They really know how to dance. They took the culture from me and I didn’t have to teach them. They’re so good at it. They were great,” Laura added.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton in a village in Belize on March 20 (Photo: Robin Nunn/Pool/Shutterstock)

Cynthia Ellis Topsy, the ambassador of the Garifuna nation, revealed that she encouraged William and Kate to dance the local punta. “I said, ‘I’ll hold your hand and we’ll do it together.’ He danced and it was beautiful,” she said. People. “[Kate] was a bit nervous and she certainly enjoyed children. We have to change mentalities and it’s better through children.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton dance in a village in Belize on March 20 (Photo: Robin Nunn/Pool/Shutterstock)

The Duke and Duchesses’ visit to the Caribbean, a British royal tradition once practiced by Will’s late mother princess diana, provoked tumultuous reactions in the country. As Barbados seeks independence from the UK as its own republic, according to The Guardian, some see the tour as a thinly veiled attempt to build support for the monarchy and provide stability. Additionally, some residents of Belize’s Toledo District have grievances with a Prince William-backed charity, Flora and Fauna International.

Kate and Will had planned to visit a cocoa farm in the area but canceled it in light of the upheaval. However, they resumed their duties and arrived in Belize on March 19 with big smiles on their faces as they exited the plane. The pair wore blue to show respect to Belizeans.

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