Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick go viral with TikTok dance trend ‘Footloose’

Kevin Bacon and his wife have gone viral on TikTok for participating in a popular dance trend inspired by “Footloose,” the 1984 dance film Bacon starred in.

In a video posted to Bacon’s TikTok account on June 30, the celebrity duo could be seen entering the shot as Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose,” the film’s title track, played in the background.

Bacon could then be seen lifting Sedgwick into the air by holding on to one of her arms and one of her legs, before performing a drop-style dance move with her, rapidly rolling her body towards the floor as the chorus of the song began to play.

The video now has 13.8 million views and is the most viewed TikTok on Bacon’s account, where the actor usually shares tours of the Connecticut farm where he lives with his 2.3 million followers.

In the comments section below the video, Bacon wrote, “It was as hard as it sounds 😅.”

In response to a comment that read, “It’s fun and fun until you’re in the ER trying to explain this,” Bacon replied, “We had the same thought on our second attempt.”

Bacon shared a photo of Sedgwick on Instagram on July 1, where she could be seen resting what appeared to be an ice pack on her wrist. “The aftermath of nailing a TikTok #Footloose dance,” Bacon captioned the image, which has 41,000 likes.

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Fans praised Bacon and Sedgwick for taking on the challenge under his Instagram post, saying, “But you did it!” and, “It looked great while you were doing it!”

Bacon’s video is part of a larger dance trend called the “Footloose challenge,” which has gone viral on the platform in recent weeks. While it’s unclear where the trend originated, high-profile influencers with millions of followers have taken part in the trend, which involves two people performing a drop-lift to the song “Footloose” since early June. .

The song’s audio has been used in over 300,000 videos on the app, and the #Footloose hashtag has over 647,000 TikTok views.

Not all TikToks using this sound or hashtag feature the dance, as the film has also inspired several other TikTok trends in recent years. For example, the creators have also gone viral on the app for performing their own versions of the film’s original footwork choreography, which does not involve the drop-lift, on the app.

Viewers frequently comment on the suspense of the challenge, saying they thought one dancer was going to drop the other as they performed the lift.

Commenters under Bacon’s video, however, said they liked the actor’s video because it showed insight into his relationship with Sedgwick, who is best known for her role as Brenda Johnson in the TNT crime drama series “The Closer”, which ran from 2005 to 2012. .

“A Hollywood marriage that really works! Congratulations on having such a great partner!!” a top comment with over 12,000 likes said.

“You are all absolutely adorable” and “you are always the cutest,” wrote other commenters.

Some commenters said they enjoyed the couple’s tribute to the film, which felt like a nostalgic throwback. A comment with 31,000 likes read, “Just like that, I’m back in high school in 1984.”

Bacon rose to fame in horror films such as “Friday the 13th” in the 80s and 90s, and landed the lead role in 1984’s “Footloose” which became an instant hit, grossing $80 million. at the US box office, according to IMDb. Since 2012, he has starred in advertising campaigns for various brands, such as for the British mobile network EE.

Bacon married Sedgwick in 1998 after the couple met on set for a PBS remake of the 1970 play, “Lemon Sky.”

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Colleen D. Ervin