Laura Ikeji turns off comments after a question about her dance partner’s sexuality (Video)

Laura Ikeji, the younger sister of blogger Linda Ikeji, raised eyebrows with a video of her husband.

The mum-of-two entered the weekend with a wacky video of her and her husband, Ogbonna Kanu, dancing with friends.

However, the video sparked reactions as many spotted her husband’s weird dance moves.

Ogbonna Kanu was doling out cheerful moves on the dance floor, which raised some eyebrows.

Noticing the unflattering comments from her fans, Laura Ikeji disabled the comments section.

News from Kemi Filani recalls that the reactions had followed the chairman of the Five Star group, the new fashion style of Emeka Okonkwo AKA Emoney, and of course her shoes.

Photos he posted online showed him wearing shiny high-heeled shoes, which drew reactions from his followers.

Some wondered if he now swung back and forth sexually, others were of the opinion that Igbo men were not good with fashion and could rock anything on occasions.

In 2020, former popular adult film actress, Savage Trap Queen, called popular stylist, Swanky Jerry a bisexual.

This came after Swanky warned anyone who criticizes certain celebrities for giving a girl money to dance n*ked on their Instagram Live video.

Responding to the criticism, Swanky Jerry said the energy used should instead be directed at the government.

During an Instagram Live session with popular OAP, Daddy Freeze, Savage Trap Queen had the Swanky blaster, calling it out for allegedly swinging back and forth.

In similar news, Lateef Adedimeji and comedian and actor Woli Arole had caused a stir online after photos surfaced online of them bonding.

Woli had taken to his Instagram page to appreciate his friend, Lateef Adedimeji.

He revealed that they spent some quality time together as they shared great bonds and had a lot in common.

Woli revealed that they spent time talking about spirituality, Lateef’s achievement and victory and much more.

Advising his fans to surround themselves with pure-hearted friends, he added that he missed their third clique, Mr Macaroni.

“I spent quality time with my friend @adedimejilateef. We share a great bond, our love won’t be here. We have a lot in common. He’s a STAR, I’m a STAR too. He’s witty, I’m witty too. We learn from each other. We talked about his achievements, celebrated his wins. My Gee is the 2nd highest-grossing actor in Nollywood. He has also received many awards. He also celebrated my sold out show at Eko hotels. #aroledrevelation. We miss our number 3 @mrmacaroni. Maka Nla!?? Surround yourself with pure hearted friends, you will keep winning. Lateef we still have a lot to do. Let’s shock the world . Let the game begins!!!!!”.

Woli Arole accompanied the post with photos of him and Lateef which drew mixed reactions.

The closeness between the two and how touchy they were all made many question their sexuality.

Colleen D. Ervin