Limp Bizkit drummer and daughter face off on Come Dance With Me TV show

Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto and his 11-year-old daughter Ava are among the contestants for the reality show come dance with mea competition that pairs talented young dancers with their untrained parents.

It’s a bizarre setting to find the veteran nu-metal band’s drummer, but Otto and his daughter are no slouch on the dance floor. Especially Ava, who has already won numerous awards and scholarships in the dance industry.

In an interview with Celebrity Page (watch below), the two discussed the challenges of performing on CBS’ dance program. Twelve family teams are competing for a $100,000 prize, with each duo learning and performing different dance styles, from hip-hop to ballroom.

“I was a little bossy,” Ava said of working alongside her dad. “I like to be in control. It was great.”

John added: “I come [tried to] keep him one foot in front of the other and just be afraid not to try to embarrass him, let alone embarrass myself – I’ve embarrassed myself before.

Ava pushed back against her father’s self-mockery, calling him a “great” dancer.

“You didn’t embarrass me,” she replied. “I am so grateful to everyone who supports us. It was a big step for both of us, so it’s really great to know that people are supporting us from all over.

Although it looks like most of the competition has already been filmed, come dance with me just aired on CBS last Friday, and the first episode can be streamed via

Meanwhile, you can find John Otto behind Limp Bizkit’s drums as the band embarks on its highly anticipated spring tour. The outing will kick off April 28 in Tampa, Florida and run through May 31 in Ontario, California. Get tickets through Ticketmaster.

Watch the clip of the interview with Otto and his daughter Ava below.

Colleen D. Ervin