Meet the dance and math prodigies in this week’s episode of BYJU’s Young Genius

When we think of child prodigies, we usually think of an exceptional skill or talent they possess that sets them apart from their peers. Today’s episode of BYJU’S Young Genius, however, features two extremely talented people who are competent and talented in more ways than one. Whether it’s a different style of ballet dancing or solving math and logic questions with ease, these young prodigies are worth watching and cheering for.

Listening to the classical dance steps of this genius –

14-year-old dancer from Kozhikode, Nila Nath She, is trained in three dance forms – Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam. She particularly loves and focuses on Mohiniyattam which is all about expressions. In fact, when performing two different styles of classical dance on the same subject, even famous guest choreographer Geeta Kapoor can’t help but exclaim that she’s jealous of Nila.

Nila’s dance story had a tragic start when she lost her mother when she was just three years old. Her mother was a dancer but couldn’t go any further and it was her biggest dream to see Nila become a dancer. Her father made sure that Nila’s mother’s dream came true and the collection of trophies in her room and the words of encouragement from her teachers testify to her talent.

Nila has performed major ballet performances in 12 states and hopes to cover all states in the next few years and continue her career as a ballet dancer. With so much talent at 14, one can only imagine the heights she will reach in the future.

Find the logic of this young math assistant

Mumbai’s Kiaan Sawant may look tiny – he’s only 10 after all – but don’t be fooled by his height. Kiaan can solve problems that most adults would scratch their heads at. After all, he is an Olympic champion in math, science and logic and was honored as a “little master of logic” and identified as one of the top 100 child prodigies in the world in 2021 according to The Child Prodigy Magazine.

Watching him casually stroll around the set and solve a complex equation on the board puts you in awe of his talent from the get-go. Self-taught, Kiaan started showing his talent in different competitions from the age of six, even going so far as to teach his mother profit and loss when she decided to show him the concept!

To judge his skills, the episode also features an encounter with Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash who is known as the human calculator for her outstanding math skills and holds several world records for the same. Bhanu Prakash, too, is amazed at the clear and sound reasoning behind some of the questions he asks Kiaan, predicting a great future for the young genius.

With so much talent in a single episode, this edition of #BYJUSYoungGenius2 is inspiring on so many levels. Watch the full episode here.

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Colleen D. Ervin