Monica Aldama Net Worth 2022: ‘Cheer’, Navarro College, ‘DWTS’ Salaries

If you watched Applaud on Netflix, you might be curious about Monica Aldama net worth and how much she earns as the head coach of Navarro Cheer. There’s a reason she’s called the “queen” of cheerleading.

Monica was born on February 9, 1972 in Corsicana, Texas. She graduated from Corsicana High School and studied at Tyler Junior College, where she was part of the cheerleading team. In January 1995, Monica began as Head Cheerleader Coach at Navarro College, where she led the team to more than a dozen National Cheerleaders Association championship victories in Junior College’s COED division. In 2020, Monica became a household name after she and the Navarro College Bulldogs were featured in the Netflix docuseries Cheer, which followed her team and the weeks leading up to the annual NCA Championship in Daytona, Florida.

In an interview with Initiated in 2020, Monica revealed what viewers didn’t see on Cheer. “I think the fact that the team filmed 12 hours a day for months and had to edit everything in just six hours is mind-boggling,” she said. “I never imagined how much time and work went into creating a docuseries – it’s so much more than I could have imagined. There was so much that we did that didn’t weren’t shown or included in all six episodes. I’ve seen comments from fans saying they were surprised there were preliminaries and then finals because it wasn’t shown. show, they only show the finals competition. But the preliminaries are the day before and we compete there, then we turn around and compete in the finals the next day in order of your ranking in the preliminaries. So there’s a lot of things that were filmed that didn’t quite make it into the final cut.

So what is Monica Aldama net worth and what does she earn as a coach of Navarro Cheer? Read on to find out what Monica is worth and what she has also done from other shows like Dancing with the stars.

What does Monica Aldama earn as the coach of Navarro Cheer?

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What does Monica Aldama earn as the coach of Navarro Cheer? Monica has been the head cheerleading coach at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, since 1995, according to her. LinkedIn. According to Navarro College website, Monica’s jobs are listed as Director of Cheerleading and Associate Professor. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in corporate finance in 1993. She also received her master’s degree in business administration and management from the University of Texas at Tyler in 1999.

So how much does Monica Aldama earn coaching Navarro Cheer? According to GovSalaries.comwhich includes data from public records, Monica earned an annual salary of $84,627 as an instructor at Navarro College in 2017. While it’s unclear what she earns now, the site reports that the Monica’s salary at the time was 211% above the average salary and 426% above the median salary of other Navarro College employees.

As head coach of the Navarro College Bulldogs, Monica won Team 14 of the National Cheerleading Association Championships in the Junior College COED division. The Navarro College Bulldogs also have five Grand National designations, an honor awarded to the team with the highest overall score in this year’s competition. Monica’s team also holds the record for highest scoring at the National Cheerleaders Association College Nationals.

In his 2022 book, CompleteAldama explained how to watch Netflix Applaud made him better understand his team and his cheerleaders. “Seeing their profiles in the documentary made me understand them better, and I was happy to see how the world reacted to their spirit,” she wrote. “It’s one thing to hear, ‘I had it rough as a kid.’ It’s quite another to hear about abuse and neglect.When you see these brave young people thriving, how can you not be moved?

What did Monica Aldama do on Dancing with the stars?

Monique Aldama

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What did Monica Aldama do on Dancing with the stars? Monica was a candidate for Dancing with the stars season 29 with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy as a partner. She was eliminated in 10th place on October 26, 2020. Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and her partner Artem Chigvintsev were the winners of the season.

So how much did Monica Aldama earn on Dancing with the stars? Monica earned around $185,000 for seven weeks Dancing with the stars. According to Varietycelebrity contestants win $125,000 for Dancing with the stars‘ rehearsal period and the first two weeks they are on the show. After the first two weeks, candidates receive a raise for each additional two weeks they last. In 2010, the rate was $10,000 per episode for weeks three and four, $20,000 per episode for weeks five and six, $30,000 per episode for weeks seven and eight, and $50,000 per episode for the past two weeks. The maximum contestants can win is $295,000, according to Variety. While earlier reports claimed contestants could win up to $345,000 on Dancing with the starssalaries have fallen since the show’s highest-rated seasons in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

In CompleteMonica recalled how “stressed” she was during Dancing with the stars due to how much she was “emotionally struggling” at the time. “The show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she wrote. “Still, I’d do it again in a second.” She also recalled her difficult relationship with her partner Val. “In the middle of a rehearsal, he stopped and angrily told me that I needed to stop staring at our feet. His body language and tone communicated pure disgust,” she wrote. posture was also an issue, it was the last thing on my mind when trying to learn the steps and get the routine right.

After the moment Monica and Val had a one-on-one in the bathroom off-camera, that’s when their professional relationship turned into a real friendship. “I’ve prepared everything for Val. I told him everything I had taken away, including how he made me feel emotionally and physically,” she wrote.

What is Monica Aldama’s net worth?

What is Monica Aldama’s net worth? Monica is worth $1 million, according to Cinephile. With her salary as the head coach of Navarro Cheer and what she earned on Dancing with the starsMonica Aldama’s net worth also includes what she earned on Netflix Applaud, on which she starred for two seasons and 15 episodes, as well as paychecks from sponsorship deals with brands like Robitussin Naturals, Objective Wellness and Rebel Athletic Cheer. In January 2022, Monica also published her first book, Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons From America’s Favorite Coachwhich she also wins.

In the book, Monica wrote about how her life changed after Applaud and how she went from “a very private person” to an overnight celebrity. “It was shocking to me to have some of the comments and DMs and messages that I received coming at me like I was someone I really wasn’t,” Monica said. We Weekly of how his life has changed Applaud. “But there is also a lot of love. Honestly, there was so much more love than anything else, and I appreciate that so much.

Monica also spoke to Us Weekly about the most important chapter of Complete. “I really think if you ask different people, the most important chapter is based on what they’re going through in their personal lives,” she said. “There is this whole chapter on positive self-talk. You have to believe in yourself. People like to see others fail. This past year has been really, really tough. There were a lot of times where I just talked to myself and encouraged myself because I was going through a tough time. Its very important. You’re going to believe everything you tell yourself, so you absolutely have to be careful what you say.

Applaud is available to stream on Netflix.

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To know more Applaud and Monica Aldama, read her 2022 memoir, Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons From America’s Favorite Coach. In the book, Monica, who has been called the “Bill Belichick of Cheerleading” by New York Magazine, shares her secret on how she built one of the nation’s most successful cheerleading programs: Navarro Cheer. The memoir also includes untold stories about Aldama’s life, from her divorce and remarriage to her current husband to the challenges she faced as a young mother and how she overcame it all to become the star of Applaud and a finalist on Dancing with the stars. The book also includes never-before-seen behind-the-scenes moments of joy, as well as the principles of joy that Aldama follows in his daily life. Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons from America’s Favorite Coach is essential reading for Applaud Fans.

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