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Let’s go for a whirlwind ride to shut it down for the weekend:

Hey Old Guy, two questions: 1) How many years can a team trade draft picks? 2) I’m going to a few concerts this summer; both are bands from the 80s since that’s my groove. Is it okay to wear an 80s outfit to attend? — Rich, Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Teams can trade picks up to three years in advance. The exception is draft weekend, when they would be allowed out fours. So apparently on April 28, a team could trade their 2025 first-round pick.

And bro, if those parachute pants still fit without someone calling the cops, you wear them loud and clear. Rock On.

Who is the favorite for the starting quarterback position? Scott Fitterer said the Panthers will add depth to this position, but we haven’t added anyone, so can we assume we’re drafting a QB? — Sreenivas, Apex, North Carolina

Or exchange for one. Or something. It’s Sam Darnold until it’s not.

Will the NFL be kind enough to schedule a Thursday night game while the Presidents Cup takes place in late September? Can we make this request, officially? —Jordan, Charlotte

Teams can ask the league for certain allocations on the schedule, but the Panthers did not ask to be sent on the road that week (as they have done in the past to avoid clashing with d other events).

If you’re looking for a vacation, Mokelumne Hill in the spring is heaven on earth in the California foothills. Haunted hotel room on me. —William, Mokelumne Hill, CA

Thanks, but that’s a no. “Haunted” is not among my preferences on the Marriott app. I have enough terror in my life and I don’t try to import it. I’m intrigued by the non-haunted Calaveras County though, as long as it doesn’t bring your own frog (BYOF).

Any chance of Steve Smith Sr. coming out of retirement? Dude still makes me want to ice cream. — Michael, Wilmington, North Carolina

Steve likes to make easy money in the media. But I would pay cash (maybe even my own) to see him come out of retirement, a la Vinny Testaverde, for a game. And if he did, I would still love his chances of making a play, especially if someone was driving him crazy. Which, frankly, is the easiest thing in the world to do, and if someone didn’t offend him, he’d make up the offense, like he’s done so many times in the past.

Also, any “just in case” questions always go to @PanthersBill.

With Stephon Gilmore still on the open market, what do you think the odds are of them bringing him back on board? I think we would be lucky to have him. — Wanda, Deep Run, North Carolina

I’ve never met a Wanda who didn’t have a problem with a capital T, but you seem nice. I like the theory of having Gilmore around. He is wise. I wonder about the practical application, having brought Donte Jackson back in a relationship with Jaycee Horn. Stephon will have options to join teams that are perhaps closer to Super Bowl contention, and that could matter more than being close to home. We’ll see; it depends on him.

Favorite way to eat veal? — @DarthWaya on Twitter

When it is paid by another.

That will be enough for me. Enjoy your egg salad sandwiches this weekend, and don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.

Colleen D. Ervin