Nasty incident for U of M basketball, Derby winner loses title and preview of MLB lockdown

The Michigan basketball team and the University of Michigan were involved in a horrific incident last Sunday.

Wolverine coach Juwan Howard’s handshake line produced an open slap to Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft. What caused the ruckus was Wisconsin calling a timeout with 11 seconds left in the basketball game. The timeout upset Coach Howard, and it carried over to the end of the basketball game.

I can say positively that I do not tolerate Howard’s behavior at all. College basketball has no place for throwing punches or open-handed slaps by coaches or players.

I will say that the situation could have been 100% avoided with a simple gesture. How do you ask? When Howard came through and said, “I’ll remember that,” the Wisconsin coach didn’t need to catch Howard to explain why he called the timeout. Hey, Wisconsin coach, you called time out so no explanation is needed.

The reason for the timeout — explained by Wisconsin coach Greg Gard — was so his team could get the ball past the halfcourt timeline. I say “Come on man!” The worst explanation ever. You are ahead by 15 points in the basketball game. If the Wisconsin coach had continued to walk the handshake line, nothing would have materialized.

I think the five-game suspension and $40,000 fine for Howard is appropriate.

I think the one-game suspension for Moussa Diabate and Terrance Williams II of Michigan and Jahcobi Neath of Wisconsin is also justifiable. I think the $10,000 fine imposed on Wisconsin coach Greg Gard is fair, but he should also have received a one or two game suspension.

I can say positively that another incident like this and coach Juwan Howard will be fired as Wolverines coach. I also don’t want to hear people say he should have been fired for this incident. I’ve seen many pushes in college basketball. I will say, Juwan Howard, you are a leader of young men and that is not how you lead young men.

The horse Medina Spirit was disqualified as the winner of the Kentucky Derby last year due to a steroid, betamethasone, which is a legal drug in Kentucky. However, it is prohibited on race day. The horse, Mandaloun, will now be the official winner and will receive first place purse money.

It’s only the second time in the Kentucky Derby’s 147-year history that a horse has been disqualified because of a banned drug. The 1968 horse – Dancer’s Image – was disqualified and Forward Pass was declared the winner.

Medina’s Spirit coach Bob Baffert was fined and suspended. He calls.

The start of the MLB season appears to be in jeopardy as the lockout, which began Dec. 2, isn’t even close to a deal. The first week of spring training games have been canceled until March 5 for now. Is opening day of baseball likely to start later than expected? The opening date has been set for March 3. If the camps are not open by then, the opening day could be affected. I have to repeat that owners and players are very far apart on the issues.

My hunch is that opening day will be delayed. I mean, the other day both parties literally sat down for 15 minutes! Heck, the coffee hadn’t even gone cold yet and the meeting was over.

A baseball strike will not be good because the fans are so discouraged by the greed for money. I say, remember baseball doesn’t have a salary cap like the NBA, NFL, and NHL. I said baseball needed a salary cap to make it fair for the smaller teams in the market.

Can we please delete the NBA, NHL and NFL All-Star Games! I think all three are a hindrance to their respective sports. The only All-Star game worth watching is MLB, where the game is played the way it’s meant to be played.

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Colleen D. Ervin