Nigel Lythgoe Teases ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Return

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So you think you can dance judge Nigel Lythgoe has fans speculating that the Fox The dance competition show may return this year. Lythgoe found a way to tease fans on his Twitter while promoting an upcoming fight event. Viewers who fell in love with the show over its 16 seasons have their fingers crossed for a new season.

“I think #SYTYCD fans could get some good news this year?” Lythgoe tweeted.

The choreographer and dancer has served as a judge since the show began in 2005. Lythgoe has also served as a producer. SYTYCD won nine Emmys and was one of the highest-rated shows airing in over 40 countries. The show was renewed for season 17 in February 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the season was postponed indefinitely. Lythgoe’s update gives fans hope for the return of their beloved show.

That time american idol producer was known to be tough on the jury. The British tabloids even called him “Nasty Nigel”. Although he can be tough, Lythogoe is a smart businessman. It was announced that he was working on a So you think you can fight unscripted series in 2021. He is also the mastermind of Triad Combat. The event puts boxers and MMA fighters in the ring. Nick Cannon is also known to be attached to the sporting event.

When SYTYCD premiered, critics hailed the new dance competition show. Lythogoe’s expertise in winning an audience was put to good use, with the first episode attracting over 10 million viewers. The concept for the show was created with the hit musical Chorus line in mind. What set SYTYCD apart was throwing not only talents, but great personalities.

The show introduced a format where dancers practiced in a variety of dance genres in open auditions held in a number of major US cities. Dancers who progressed to the main stage performed solo, duet, and group dances. SYTYCD was a competition that challenged dancers to learn various dance styles. The dances ranged from club, jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, ballroom, and classical.

Past stars of So you think you can dance

Viewers would vote after watching their favorite dancer during live broadcasts. Judges such as Paula Abdul, Vanessa Hudgens and Jason Derulo would all give their opinion and critique each dancer. The success of SYTYCD led to more produced dance competition shows such as America’s Best Dance Teamand dance world.

The likelihood of the show returning is up in the air. The Season 16 finale only drew 2 million viewers. Compared to Dancing with the stars Season 30 finale that grossed nearly 6 million, I can see if executives move on to bring the show back. If anything, the people behind So you think you can dance can boast of knowing how to find not only the best dancers, but also the big stars.

Ariana DeBose was in season 6 of SYTYCD. Recently, she took Hollywood by storm by appearing in Steven Spielberg West Side Story. DeBose just won the 2022 Golden Globes award for Best Supporting Actress. Fans of the series also know that popular Ellen producer, Twitch, appeared in Season 4 of the show. Season 5 winner Jasmine Harper is an up-and-coming actress and starred in The CW’s revival of Roswell, New Mexico. Ezra Sosa from the last season of Dancing with the starsalso danced to SYTCYD.

As fans eagerly await an official announcement, I’m sure Lythoge will continue to tease to build hype for the series’ possible return.

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