So You Think You Can Dance: 10 Most Controversial Kills

The last season of So you think you can dance is currently on the air, and fans have already taken to Twitter to express their disappointment with the elimination picks. Whereas So you think you can dance is to see dancers become familiar with more than one style, many formally trained dancers have spoken out on who’s choice of show is eliminated.

Until recently, Americans voted for their favorite dancer. While this is a great way for viewers to feel included, it has allowed the show to find America’s favorite dancer and not necessarily America’s best dancer. Because of this, many dancers left the show, which outraged viewers at the outcome, thinking they had left much too soon.


Jordan Betscher (Season 17)

The last season of So you think you can dance is up and running, and one of the latest eliminations has fans taking to Twitter to discuss their outrage at Jordan’s elimination. Jordan wowed fans with his jazz style and personality.

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tWitch spoke about the reason for their decision and reminded the dancers that “you can be the most phenomenal dancer, but if you can’t find that spark to connect with the audience and get them engaged and invested in your journey , it’s going to be really tough, and it’s more than just competition.”

Makenzie Dustman (Season 10)

Makenzie was a fan favorite throughout Season 10 and a favorite to win the competition. Because of this, fans were sure she was a shoo-in to win, which is why when she was eliminated, fans were shocked. Even Nigel was surprised by her elimination and told her that she “was his favorite dancer”.

Although Makenzie was eliminated in Season 10, she returned for Season 11 as an All-Star much to the delight of her fans. After her elimination, she had a lucrative career as a professional dancer, even dancing alongside Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris.

Nico Greetham (Season 10)

Nico was a fan favorite who was constantly put on the bottom despite being a good dancer and having many fans. In an interview with reality tv world he said: “It was kind of ironic because I feel like the last few weeks that I have – every time I’ve landed at the bottom I felt like those were my best weeks of the entire series.”

After constantly being put on the bottom for several weeks, it was no surprise that between him and Tucker Knox who had a breakthrough dance choreographed just for him, the judges chose Nico over Tucker. It didn’t seem like Nico deserved to be at rock bottom for most of those weeks, which is why his elimination was so controversial.

Alex Wong (Season 7)

One of the most heartbreaking eliminations was Alex Wong who was by far the favorite this season, if not in SYTYCD the story. After lacerating his Achilles tendon, Alex was forced to say goodbye to competition to recover from his injury.

After he was eliminated, the entire cast and crew cried when he left. He had some of the most memorable and beautiful dances, including a choreographed dance to Jeff Buckley Alleluia it left Nigel speechless and emotional. After the show, Alex has had an extremely successful career and is a SYTYCD alum who starred in a movie, The greatest showman.

Anthony Burrell (Season 7)

Although it is difficult not to stress that SYTYCD It’s not about finding the best dancer but the favorite, this is one of those cases where the show was all wrong. Anthony Burrell blew the judges out of the water with one of his performances and the judges even said it was outstanding and better than Kent’s performance.

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Despite this, Kent made it into the top 10 while Anthony did, which didn’t seem right. Fans felt that when someone is clearly better at dancing, it seems odd that they weren’t chosen to continue. He even danced through a sprained hamstring. Anthony became a successful celebrity choreographer, working with celebrities such as Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

Jim Nowakowski (Season 12)

Jim placed in the top 6 and was often the top performer overall. The judges gave her a standing ovation more than once and praised her dancing every week. He also had a touching story that touched the hearts of viewers.

This made his elimination quite shocking, as he looked like he wanted to win it all. Unfortunately, he lost a dance, he wasn’t eliminated, which made his elimination heartbreaking and seemingly a bit undeserved. His talent as a dancer has paid off as he now dances for an Ohio company, BalletMet.

Wadi, Iveta, Nick (Season 8)

Although these contestants weren’t on the show long enough to be fan favorites, they are notable due to the fact that the three danced different dance styles (Iveta was the only ballroom, Wadi was the only tap dancer and Nick was the only break dancer), and all of them were eliminated together in the first elimination round.

So you think you can dance is known for being one of the best dance shows on TV and for having a full cast of versatile dancers, so seeing three different styles retired so soon was shocking. This did not leave much diversity in the dance, which allowed dancers whose style was contemporary to excel.

Benjamin Castro (Season 16)

Benjamin was in season 16 of So you think you can dance and placed in the top 8. He was an immediate fan favorite and although viewers felt he was a strong dancer, they liked his personality and charm more than his talent.

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Because of that, fans weren’t happy he was gone, as one Redditor bumpisthename put it, “I thought Benjamin was by far the best guy and I don’t want to watch him again if they keep Ezra on him.”

Lindsay Arnold (Season 9)

Lindsay was a shocking elimination because she had proven herself to be a better dancer than Witney, and although Witney had been down three times, Nigel continued to save her. America seemed determined to get Witney out and save Lindsay, but the judges thought otherwise.

Lindsay made a name for herself after So you think you can dancehowever, as she joined The SYTYCD tour and then Dancing with the stars in 2013, becoming one of Dancing with the stars best professionals, almost immediately after the SYTYCD round.

Jordan and Jake (season 13)

Season 13 was interesting because it was the first time kids between the ages of 8 and 13 were allowed to compete. The kids were absolutely phenomenal to watch and viewers were devastated when Jordan and Jake were eliminated. Jordan had performed one of the most jaw-dropping dances in the episode, so when she got knocked out, it hurt.

Jake was a fan favorite from the start, as he had a huge personality and smile and could dance impressively. He was 13 at the time of the competition but was dancing much taller than his age. It’s hard to see young people feeling overwhelmed that their dream is over, but these kids have so much power they probably don’t have much to worry about.

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