So You Think You Can Dance 2022 Recap: Choreography Cycle

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for all the listeners who made it through this season to show us what they got in the choreography trick of So you think you can dance!

We’ve seen dozens of auditions in different dance styles over the past three weeks, and after tonight only the best of the best will make it to the Top 12 after tonight’s Big Cut.

the choreography cycle consists of three cycles directed by choreographer Mandy Moore. Round one will be in their own dance style, round two will be working with a partner, and round three will be a group routine. Competitors will be cut off after each round until only 12 remain.

Mandy Moore teaches routines to each group of contestants in each dance style, and we see one dancer’s foot dripping with blood at the end of rehearsals.

Round 1 – Contemporary – Matthew Deloch, Samuel McWilliams, Waverly Fredericks, Thiago Pacheco

The “Contemporary Boys” perform a routine on “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Waverly and Samuel eclipsed the other two, in my opinion.

Matthew, Samuel, Thiago and Waverly move on.

We see a montage of the rest of Round 1.

Konnor and Keaton move on. Sage moves on. Alexis advances. Several others are moving on and are not named.

Round 1 – Contemporary – Mia Mellican, Jaliyah “Juicy” Kersten, Madison Moser, Maci Montes

This band performs the same Whitney song and while Maci’s performance isn’t technically perfect, it’s the most fun to watch!

Madison and Maci are cut. Mia and Jaliyah move on.

Round 1 – Hip Hop – Essence Wilmington, Sara Ito, Madina Beisekeyeva, Brianna Gray

Essence knocked them all out of the water with this routine!

Brianna is told to come back and do a solo. Essence, Sara and Madina move on.

Round 1 – Solo – Brianna Gray

Brianna dances for her life with a solo Hip Hop routine in an effort to impress the judges and move on. His performance is much stronger this time, with a certain originality that he lacked last time.

tWitch says yes, JoJo says no, Matthew says yes.

It’s time for Round 2 and all the dancers are paired up as partners and rehearse with Mandy Moore.

Round 2 – Partners – Beau Harmon and Jaliyah “Juicy” Kersten, Thiago Pacheco and Alexis Warr

Jaliyah and Thiago were the best and I would have liked to see them teamed up.

Beau, Jaliyah, Thiago and Alexis all move on.

We see Round 2 continue and several more pass, including Keaton and Carter, while several others are cut, including Sage, Jordan and Sara.

Round 2 – Partners – Andrew Park and Madina Beisekeyeva, Matthew Deloch and Brianna Gray

All danced well, but Andrew and Madina had serious, unexpected chemistry.

Matthew moves on. Madina, Andrew and Brianna get cut.

Round 2 – Partners – James (Brianna’s boyfriend) and Virginia Crouse, Waverly Fredericks and Jordan Betcher

James let me down, but Waverly still impresses. And both girls didn’t do their best.

James, Virginia, Waverly and Jordan all move on.

Round 2 – Partners – Samuel “Hooliboy” Kyei and JoJo Lokhorst, Essence Wilmington and Samuel McWilliams

I expected so much more from Samuel Kyei, JoJo was fine, but Essence is going to win whatever I call it right now.

Essence, Samuel McWilliams and JoJo move on. Samuel “Hooliboy” Kyei is cut.

The remaining dancers now prepare for the final round: the group routine. They all rehearse with Mandy Moore to perform a routine that combines the many different styles.

Round 3 – Group Routine

They all perform the group routine, some dancers clearly outperform the others. I liked how the routine was split between a collective group number and separate smaller numbers in different styles, but in my professional opinion as a choreographer, the opening was very repetitive.

The judges deliberate and the results will be in next week’s episode!

This episode was incredibly quick, so thank you all for supporting me as I recap everything important! The live blog will be taken over by MJ next week when we find out who’s making the Top 12, and I’ll be back for the June 22 episode!

Colleen D. Ervin