The Masked Singer NZ 2022 episode 7: Daddy’s dance moves and the ‘biggest twist’ of the season

Only six masked singers remain in the competition. Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery


Welcome to your disguised high school reunion with bad karaoke, better known as the Masked Singer. Alright, so it’s not that bad. There are some really good vocals here – and for the rest I have to love Autotune.

Tonight, the remaining six masked celebrities are due to perform – and host Clint Randell lets us know that we’re in for the biggest twist of the season. Don’t tell me someone famous is going to be exposed?

Joining Sharyn Casey, Anika Moa and James Roque on the panel tonight comes guest judge Jono Pryor, with all the vibes of that dad who was forced to oversee a middle school nightclub.

How I watch The Masked Singer.  Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery
How I watch The Masked Singer. Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery

First on stage tonight is fan-favorite Bedazzled Unicorn, giving us a rendition of Supergroove’s Sitting Inside My Head. Is there anything Unicorn can’t do?

Is it Tyra Hammond from Open Souls? Is it Shorty Shavaughn Ruakere’s alum? Is that former PM Helen Clark? Moa puts her guess in Roque’s pocket instead of telling us who she thinks it is, which seems unfair.

Next up is Magic Monster, singing Crowded House’s Better Be Home Soon. Does anyone else just want a hug from this guy? He looks like an Oodie coming to life.

Casey thinks it’s former cricketer Dion Nash, while Moa and Pryor think it’s Joseph Parker. Or is it the league player Monty Betham, asks Roque?

Anyone else just want a hug from Magic Monster?  Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery
Anyone else just want a hug from Magic Monster? Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery

Ruru Chick is back singing Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves, with a “slight American accent” making Moa think she’s none other than Kiwi actress Thomasin Mackenzie.

Roque still thinks it’s his comedian pal Laura Daniel, despite giving him a very reasonable alibi for why she isn’t, while Pryor opts for Shorty St star Kura Forrester.

Next up is Playing Mantis, which gives us the “I thought I’d give the Masked Singer a bit of a hard time” clue. I subscribe to watch this show again. Her singing gets everyone up out of their seats and breaks up Dad’s dance moves, double count and all. Casey guesses it’s Jemaine Clement, while Moa goes for Jeremy Wells and Roque jumps on the radio host bandwagon and goes for Jason Hoyte.

Gladiator Alligator is back, and so are his moves, as he rocks his hips to Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color. At this point, I think the whole panel fell in love with him. Casey is adamant it’s Drew Neemia, while Moa stays with Ben Lummis and Roque guesses William Waiirua. Pryor tries something new and guesses it’s rapper Sid Diamond.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear a little blue penguin sing Beyonce, then you’re in for a treat. Blue Penguin hits all the high notes singing If I Were a Boy and it’s truly an impressive performance.

Is it the professional singer Ladi6? Is it actress and comedian Rachel House? Is it, as Pryor guesses, really aiming for the stars – Rachel Hunter?

The public votes are in and Gladiator Alligator, Magic Monster, Blue Penguin, and Ruru Chick are safe, leaving Unicorn and Mantis in the bottom two.

Unsurprisingly, the panel is voting to keep Bedazzled Unicorn in the competition, and so it’s time Playing Mantis was unmasked.

This is Paul Ego from PAK'nSAVE.  Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery
This is Paul Ego from PAK’nSAVE. Photo / Warner Brothers Discovery

Amidst the somewhat terrifying chant “Take it off!” Mantis pulls his head back – and here’s the twist – it’s Paul Ego.

Yes, it’s Stickman from Pak’nSave himself, who a few short episodes ago sat as a guest on the judging panel. This soon makes sense, as Mantis didn’t perform when Ego appeared as a judge – but for some reason the judges are still stunned.

When asked if it’s better in the judge’s seat or onstage, Ego tells us, “They’re both fun…up there it’s not as hot as it is up here.”

Props to Ego to “give it a hoon” – but as far as twists go, it’s somewhat underwhelming. With only five masked singers remaining, are the rest of the guest panelists just hiding behind the costumes?

Honestly, I won’t be surprised if Randell himself steps out of the alligator suit next week.

Colleen D. Ervin