The Three’s Company finale still bothers fans to this day

“Three’s Company” said goodbye to the world in a long form. “Friends & Lovers,” along with two previous episodes, “Cupid Works Overtime” and “The Heiress,” serve as the show’s four-part conclusion — and an attempted launch pad for “Three’s a Crowd,” the spin – disabled. To do this, the happy home of the three roommates had to be deconstructed.

Namely, the series’ final episodes see Jack fall in love with flight attendant Vicky Bradford (Mary Cadorette), the daughter of a protective and wealthy executive, while Janet finds a romantic relationship with the collector of art Phillip Dawson (David Ruprecht). As Janet and Phillip get married in the gang’s apartment in the first part of the finale, Jack fails to convince Vicky to accept his proposal – she is too emotionally scarred by her parents’ terrible divorce to say yes – so they instead agree to share an apartment together. Terri, meanwhile, states that she is moving to Hawaii. The housemates move in with the help of Mr. Furley, and Jack and Vicky settle into their respective new digs. Very little of the final episode focuses on Janet or Terri, with Terri’s story in this long final arc being remarkably minimal.

This series finale scene strives to make viewers care about Jack and Vicky’s future, but the flat chemistry between the characters elicits a backlash, and Vicky’s father (Robert Mandan) comes out. abrasive in an unentertaining way. Notes from “Three’s a Crowd” would later confirm this notion. While the roommate’s future looks bright as they head into the sunset, fans have been reluctant to follow them.

Colleen D. Ervin