Vitoria Strada wins the 2022 celebrity dance

Very moved, Vittoria celebrated with her parents and kissed the bride, Marcela Rica. “I am very happy. The message left is that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, in all its forms. It is good for the world. We must celebrate every time love occurs in all its forms About love, he said: “Love one another, love your neighbours”.

He added, “Don’t criticize the way other people love him, because it doesn’t hurt anyone. As long as the world loves us, we have nothing to fear,” he said. Commenting his participation in “Dança”, he concluded: “I didn’t think he was so desperate.”

With all the contestants from this season present in the final, of course there was a musical show, right, people?! Terry opened the show with “Me Apaixonei, me Apeguei” and Xandy de Pilares ended in style with “Tá Escrito”.

In the order specified in the lottery, Anna Furtado was the first to perform to the sound of the waltz and was very pleased with the judges, receiving twenty from the technical jury, plus the maximum score from the technical jury, plus two 9.9. “Anna, I like you, you rock. I know how hard it is to get those feet with the finishes and the lightness,” said Paola.

Vitoria Strada and Vitau excelled in the waltz, scoring five and ten points each! “There came a time when I had the pleasure of seeing them dance, and the pleasure was passed on to us,” Anna Botafogo said as the actress finished dancing. Carlinhos Vitão praised: “The dance was born for you or you were chosen in a moving way.”

You decide everything in Samba?! Anna shook again and repeated the tones of the waltz: three tones maximum and two 9.9s. And this time there was nobody, Vittoria took the lead in scoring again. yes! I have fifteen degrees! He passed the past Vitão, with a perfect four points and 9.9.

Overall rating was missing, resulting in normalization victory victorya tenth of only second place. The end result was: Vittoria and Wagner 139.9; Vitau and Gabi 139.7; Anna and Leandro 137.6.

Colleen D. Ervin