What to know about dance designer Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is one of the dance creators and judge on the new NBC show Dancing With Myself. Where have viewers seen her before this show?

Liza Koshy is one of the dance creators of the new NBC show dance with Myself, and many fans are curious to know more about her. Through just one episode, Liza became the most energetic celebrity on a panel of judges that included Shakira and Nick Jonas, making it clear that she was an excellent choice to be on the show.

The first episode of dance with myself launched a refreshing reality show about the TikTok era. In a world where the younger generation is dancing to trending songs on the popular social media app, network TV shows sometimes struggle to relate. dance with myself does a good job of reaching out to its young fans, listing the steps for each dance so that everyone can actively participate in the competition. Plus, each contestant starts out in their own box, making it feel like they’re competing from the comfort of their own home, even though they’re all on the same stage. Liza can relate to a show that looks at current trends.


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Liza made her star debut on Vine (remember Vine?) in 2013, before making her career on YouTube. She starred in a Tyler Perry film and the 2017 YouTube Premium movie Escape The Night. Since her first rise to fame, Liza has appeared in shows on Hulu, Netflix, and MTV. Liza launched her hosting career when she was cast to direct the revived Nickelodeon game show Double dare in 2018 and 2019.

Liza, 26, has won several awards, including a Kids’ Choice Award and four Teens’ Choice Awards. She started dating fellow YouTube star David Dobrik in 2015 but they broke up in 2018. Liza is hugely successful on social media as she currently has just under 20 million followers. followers on Instagram. Maybe his last gig on dance with myself can push her over the edge.

While Shakira is an iconic dancer and Nick Jonas is a big name in the entertainment industry, the energy and personality that Liza brings to the show is really what makes it worth watching. Viewers can tell that Liza is in her element as she dances and criticizes the contestants. She is super comfortable being herself and encourages every competitor to do the same. Hopefully, she not only inspires each of the contestants to speak the way they feel comfortable, but also inspires young fans back home to do the same.

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