Who is Frog in The Masked Dancer? Celebrity Identity Clues and Theories Revealed

June 4, 2021, 9:24 PM

Who is Frog?

Photo: ITV

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Who is Frog? Here are all the theories and clues we have so far about The Masked Dancer contestant…

The Masked Dancer is in full swing, and it’s been as wild as we knew it.

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The ITV show is a spin-off from The Masked Singer, meaning it features a group of mysterious celebrities wearing elaborate costumes and performing in front of a live audience and studio panel.

As the name suggests, however, The Masked Dancer sees them doing a dance rather than a song.

One of the participating characters is Frog. Here’s what we know who it could be…

**Update: The frog has been unmasked. Find out who it was below…**

Who is Frog in The Masked Dancer?

Who is Frog in The Masked Dancer?

Photo: ITV

Who is Frog?

The latest odds (from betting fair) on their celebrity identity are as follows:

  • Lisa Snowden 7/4
  • Helene Skelton 5/2
  • Rebecca Adlington6/1
  • Carol Vorderman 8/1
  • Ashley Roberts12/1

In their first clue packet, Frog said, “I am Frog, a great explorer.

“I may be without a tail, but I have stories to tell.

Frog will take part in Friday's semi-final

Frog will perform in Friday’s semi-final.

Photo: ITV

“This frog was dreaming big, I was doing entertainment while I was still in school, so I started jumping from lily pad to lily pad, making a splash, trying new things. Then one day , my big sticky tongue caught a bug.”

“My career peaked in Wales.”

“I lived my life in slow motion.”

“There’s nothing too dimensional about me.”

When was Frog exposed?

Frog was unmasked in Friday’s semi-final, and it was Heart’s very own Kelly Brook!

Kelly, who presents on Heart from 4-7 p.m. Monday-Friday with JK, said: “I’ve always loved to dance, but I haven’t danced in years. So I can congratulate myself and say ‘I’ve did that “. It’s just the best experience of my life.”

And speaking in her exit interview, she added: “Frog is so upbeat and enthusiastic. It was so much fun and the mask made me smile.”

Kelly Brook has been unmasked as Frog!

Kelly Brook has been unmasked as Frog!

Photo: ITV

Who else is on The Masked Dancer’s lineup?

The full line-up (past and present) is below:

Who hosts The Masked Dancer?

Joel Dommett of the Masked Singer is back to host the show.

Speaking of his excitement for the show, Joel said: “Well, this should be an amazing fun twist…will anyone do the twist?! The Masked Dancer is that little bit of silly fun that our lives have had. need it right now and I’m so excited to host it. I can’t wait to see amazing costumes, epic performances, and accidentally say Masked Singer at least five times.

Who are the judges of The Masked Dancer?

Oti Mabuse, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan are part of the panel for the series.

Speaking of his enthusiasm for the show, Jonathan Ross said: “What people don’t know is that I’m secretly a dance expert and can spot a ball change from a box step. no problem. The title of best detective of the panel is definitely coming to me!”

Mo Gilligan added: “I love The Masked Singer. It’s crazy joy, which we all need right now – so when ITV asked me if I wanted to join The Masked Dancer, of course I said a huge yes! I’m really looking forward to getting back with the team for another brilliant run.”

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