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And then there were two! So you think you can dance will conclude its 17th season on August 10, where either Keaton Kermode Where Alexis Warr will win the FOX reality show. This season was hosted by Dely cat with judges Stephen “Twitch” Boss, JoJo Siwaand Lea Remini, who replaced Matthew Morrison. So many talented dancers gave their best, but ultimately it’s up to Keaton and Alexis in the bottom two. But which one will win?

Keaton Kermode
Keaton Kermode (Photo: FOX)

Keaton has had an incredible run on the show, starting with his remarkable audition being called “genius” by one of the judges. He has an excellent chance of winning the whole show in the final. Here’s everything you need to know about Keaton.

Keaton is a contemporary dancer.

Keaton danced the contemporary style throughout the season. Fellow finalist Alexis is a Latin ballroom dancer. The two styles are very different and will make for a thrilling finale. Keaton also said on the show that his other favorite dance style is jazz.

He was playing football.

Prior to SYTYCD, Keaton played football for Triton Central High School in Indiana. He graduated in the spring of 2020 and shared a celebratory post after his football season ended. “From start to finish, this season of senior football has been memorable. I had so much fun playing with all these guys,” he said.

Keaton Kermode
Keaton Kermode (Photo: FOX)

His mother inspired him to dance.

Keaton revealed on the show that he got into dancing thanks to his mother, who runs a dance studio. She helped him train professionally until he auditioned for SYTYCD.

He is a member of the Style Dance Academy.

Keaton has been a member of the Style Dance Academy (SDA) for over 16 years. SDA is located in Franklin, Indiana and offers dance and gymnastics for all ages. In his Senior Spotlight Q&A for SDA, Keaton revealed that he wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in dance.

His audition blew the judges away.

by Keaton SYTYCD audition aired on the show’s second episode this season. He danced a beautiful contemporary number to “If You Keep Leaving Me” by East Anderson. The audience and the judges went wild over Keaton’s dancing. “It was sick. And it was creative. I love when people take action but make it unique to themselves. It was done in genius,” JoJo said.

Twitch also praised Keaton’s audition and pointed out that his mother was in the audience watching. “We can also see how important it is to have incredible family support. Because in a place where it’s rare for guys to dance, especially when they’re playing football, you have someone who has created such a safe space for you to thrive. All three judges pushed Keaton into the next round, and now he’s one elimination away from winning the whole show!

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