Who won So You Think You Can Dance? (all 16 winners of the show)

So you think you can dance is in its seventeenth season! The dance competition began in 2005, which means many of its competitors this year have grown up watching dancers test their skills and stamina to win the series.

As fans have noticed this season, the competition has seen quite a change. The show’s creator, and previously the only member of the judging panel to be present every season, Nigel Lythgoe was not invited back to the series to preside over the fate of its contestants. In place, So you think you can dance former Stephen “tWitch” Boss, internet dance and reality sensation JoJo Siwa, and film and stage actor Matthew Morrison have been tapped to oversee and guide this new generation of dancers entering the competition.

As we bid farewell to Morrison due to a breach of protocol and welcome another judge to replace him, it’s clear the show is heading in a new direction. The Dance Academy round of the show has been cancelled. Contestants who had auditioned in Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans battled it out in Los Angeles to earn a spot in the choreography round, which left viewers scratching their heads.

It looks like the rigors of competition have been taken away, as 42 dancers will be whittled down to the Top 12. That doesn’t have to be the case, of course, but we’ve been through 16 seasons of dancers having to fight their way to the main stage. through several rounds and this year’s batch seems to have an easier time.

Who were the dancers who have stood out in the past, displaying their innovation and musicality, wowing judges and audiences at every turn until they could win the So you think you can dance Title? You will find the list below.

The dancers who won the competition vary in expertise from contemporary dancers to street dancers. This series has championed many different dance styles, honoring the changing art form and those who continue to push the boundaries.

Winners of So You Think You Can Dance

  • Nick Lazzarini (season 1)
  • Benji Schwimmer (season 2)
  • Sabra Johnson (season 3)
  • Joshua Allen (season 4)
  • Jeanine Mason (season 5)
  • Russell “Gutta” Ferguson (season 6)
  • Lauren Froderman (season 7)
  • Melanie Moore (season 8)
  • Eliana Girard (season 9)
  • Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (season 9)
  • Amy Yakima (season 10)
  • Du-Shaunt “Fik-Shun” Stegall (season 10)
  • Ricky Ubeda (season 11)
  • Gaby Diaz (season 12)
  • Leon “Kida” Burns (season 13)
  • Lex Ishimoto (season 14)
  • Hannahlei Cabanilla (season 15)
  • Bailey Munoz (season 16)

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Colleen D. Ervin