Zhalay Sarhadi’s new dance video goes viral

With Karma released in early September, it’s high time for Zhalay Sarhadi to sit down, enjoy and celebrate. In conclusion of the promotional campaigns, Sarhadi is finally free and has taken advantage of the time to relax.

In a recent reel fragment on Instagram, the Ouran the actress danced to Asim Azhar Habibi with his co-star Oussama Tahir.

The Tehra Aangan the actress rocked the song with original moves. Sarhadi opted for a black silk shirt paired with gray jeans and a hat to match his sleek and contemporary style.

The video went viral as fans of the 2 Batta 8 the actress was looking forward to her next project. With thousands of likes and celebrities hyping her up in the comments section, Sarhadi has become the center of attention.

Zhalay’s role in Karma is a rude and malevolent gang leader, a character she can nail effortlessly.

During an interview with Dawn, Sarhadi revealed, “I haven’t seen the movie and I won’t see it until the premiere. At this point, what I can say is that the story is extremely different. It’s dark and edgy and I’m playing a character I’ve never played before. It does not come out on Eid day and I am delighted! We have to start thinking beyond the two Eid holidays and I think if the content is good people will go see a movie.

“For me, the process of filming Carma was extremely enjoyable and challenging. I always sought to enjoy the process rather than worry about the outcome. I want my projects to succeed. If they don’t, I’m disappointed, but I don’t make it the only goal of my life.

The upcoming project is directed and produced by Kashan Admani along with Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Navin Waqar and Osama Tahir.

Colleen D. Ervin